About Us

SINCE 1993



Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA)— Gandaki is a chapter of NATTA and an umbrella organization of Tours and Travel agencies in Gandaki Province. When tourism industry and businesses with similar nature were fragmented and lacking coordination, leading travel agents within Pokhara put efforts to establish NATTA Gandaki Province (then called NATTA Western Regional Association, Pokhara). 

Fundamentally, promoting tourism and growth & development of it’s members are the primary objectives and motives behind the establishment. These are not just the motives and objectives of ours, but also a part of decentralizing the programs of NATTA Central in the region, for even more effective planning and execution. The coordination to protect the rights of each member companies and raising the collective voice and advising the government on proper planning for the sustainable growth of tourism is a major focus.

The numbers of regional association members has been increasing since establishment and now there are 184 active members in NATTA—Gandaki Province, and the numbers are growing everyday.

Our Objectives

To contribute towards the healthy development of tourism industry and trade.

To develop goodwill among travel agents on all subjects of common interests and welfare.

To provide consultation and co-operation to Government of Nepal for the promotion of tourism

To work directly or indirectly for institution mission of all matters pertaining to the interest of tourism industry & trade

To enthuse feelings of close co-ordination and professional ethics among all components engaged in tourism industry

To promote and safeguard the interests of other professionals, trade and industries which are ancillary to tourism

To undertake research work for the promotion of tourism

To obtain national & international recognition for the association