Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal, and little information is available in tourist guidebooks. Paragliding in this Himalayan country can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure-seekers. You can experience unparalleled scenic grandeur as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vulture, eagles, kites, while floating over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas. The last three years have seen the activity flourish in Pokhara, and it now is an internally recognized destination for free-flight enthusiasts.

Ultralight Flight

Ultralight flight aircraft is another medium to observe the full spectrum of the magnificent Pokhara valley along with mountain peaks and lakes at the same time, ultralight is a very light aircraft that has open roof and only two persons, including a pilot and a passenger. Powered by engines the aircraft can reach very close to the mountain peaks. Because of the ability to reach to close to the mountains, tourists love the experience of flying on there small machines. Foreigners generally fly on these aircraft to have a close look at the mountains. Professional ultralight flights started in Nepal in 1997 A.D. and is claimed to be the first in South Asia. Early autumn to early spring is considered the best season for Ultralight flight.

Bungee Jump

Pokhara Bungee Jumping is the highest water touch Bungee in the world. This bungee jumping is made low at the height of 80 meters from the pond in the bottom. One can enjoy the bungee while making videos and taking pictures of the jump as well as the nature around them.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari package programmee includes elephant ride safari, canoe rides, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover the unique culture and traditions of the local village people. Cultural entertainment performed by locals is yet another highlight of your wildlife jungle safari trip in Nepal. You can get special package wildlife safari trips in Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks and these can be combined with any other adventures you may wish to take with us such as – trekking, rafting, cultural tours, Tibet tours or peak climbing trips.

Rafting and Kayaking

Nepal is not only popular for its legendary Himalayas, but also for the rivers that originate from these snow massifs. Rafting and kayaking across the mighty Himalayan rivers just is one of the many thrills that Nepal offers to adventure enthusiasts. Many of out clients in the past have had us design a trekking itinerary with two three days of rafting in between. Nepal is one of the best destination in the world for White water rafting. Trishuli and Bhotekoshi is the best for white water rafting among the other.


Zip flyer is the one of attractive adventure activities in Nepal and has been attracting tourists with different opportunities of adventure sports has ushered in yet another new product for adventure tourism. The Zip flyer in Nepal is the longest in the world traveling 1860m. The top station is the Sarangkot hill from where the tourists can easily view Annapurna mountain range, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri range, Lamjung Himal range and panoramic view of Pokhara valley. The zip flyer runs at 140 km/hour speed. The flyer is comfortable and installed with the best technology for strength, durability and safety of the flyers.


Canyoning in Nepal is a must do for water sports lovers and adrenaline junkies! Experience majestic waterfalls, rock slides and giant jumping rocks and land in pristine pools of turquoise water. Pokhara has opened three canyoning spots in Ghalel, Ghachowk and Dangsing, Those spots are about an hour away from inner city Pokhara. Be a part of the excitement and support the local people.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is done off-road, often over rough terrain. Cycling is a unique experience in and around Pokhara: it is a cheap way to explore the city. Bikes are available on rent of several points around Lakeside. Recently, riding down the Thorong La Pass (5416m) to Muktinath (3800m) has become very popular among the adventure seekers.

Pony Trekking

Horse riding offers you a unique adventure holiday in Nepal to ake your journey even more memorable. It’s great way to explore the country’s rich landscape which might otherwise be inaccessible. Ponies canbe hired for short excursions or alternatively full pony treks can be arranged depending on your requirements. Pony treks follow nearly the same routes as normal treks and are offered mostly in the western region around Pokhara, as well as in Dolpa and Lo Manthang.

Rock Climbing

Nepal offers you with a cliffhanger experience. Around Nepal, there are several places where you can experience this spine-tingling sport. Nepal is full of wonderful, dizzing places and if you want to crawl on a vertical cliff then why not do it in Nepal. These days rock climbing has gained immense popularity among the tourists visiting Nepal.


The lure of the Himalayas is irresistible for mountaineers, as the Himalayas asre the highest and most challenging range of mountains on earth. Their breathtaking beauty, vastness, fascination, magic and mystery will always have an everlasting appeal for those who yearn to venture into this majestic region.


Nepal has above two hundred lakes that are glacial or tectonic origin. Among many adventures, boating is one of them. Pokhara placed as a lush valley has bes bestowed with many lakes with the background of Annapurna range. A whole day can be spent rowing or being rowed by the local boatmen in the lakes of Pokhara. No words can define the way someone feels while boating and touching the waves. It is an ideal place for all the lovebirds who want to express their love with a romantic date on a lake.